Thursday, November 30, 2006

I should have bound off

or Sarah I need my ball winder back

Tuesday night, I was debating about how wide to make the moebius scarf. I decided to leave it for the evening then decide.

Greyhounds have been known to steal things, you are told if you can't find your remote go look in your grey's bed. After we had Keeper for a week, he picked up Trellis and tried to carry it to his bed. I scolded him. Repeat one minute later. Repeat 1 hour later. After those three times he has been pretty good at leaving my knitting alone. He has been trying to pick up the Dulaan vests that have been lying on the blocking board but WIP have been left. Until yesterday.

Keeper wanted to go for a walk at 4:30 - walks are usually after dinner around 7 or so. (He had just been out to potty). I tried to get him to play instead, he wasn't interested. I petted him for a couple of minutes then left him. I heard him go downstairs. I didn't think much of it. I heard him playing downstairs - I wonder what he is playing with as his favourite toys are up here. I go down the stairs. He had taken the Moebius scarf downstairs with him. He had managed to chew threw the needle, and several spots on the ball of yarn - besides unraveling the ball. SHIT!

At this point he has nothing in his mouth but parts of the ball are wound around his leg. I get it off him, take it upstairs and start putting stitches back on the needle (at this point I knew the cable was gone but not that the yarn was broken. While I was assessing the damage, he picks Trellis up, shakes his head (so the needle goes flying) and starts moving towards his bed. DROP IT!

So last night instead of finishing a project or even just making progress, two of my projects went backwards. Trellis won't be too bad. Just putting the stitches back. The moebius scarf however is another story. I picked up the stitches last night, and realized that their are loose ends in the scarf, I have started tinking back to where the yarn is continuous. Tinking curly mohair, 400 sts around - anyone want to come over and help. I think I have to go back 2 rounds.

What, what did I do?

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zoe said...

how can you possibly be mad with a face like that??? way too cute

Kat with a K said...

Oh no!

CatBookMom said...

*BAD* dog! (yes, really shouting here).