Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 6 NaBloWriMo

Today is just going to be some random things
  1. There is still 111 (about 15%) people alive in sock wars. I am surprised by that number I thought more would be dead. However I think the mail is slowing things down. By the time you mail you socks and your victim receives it and mails their socks in progress back, it can be several weeks. The game end near the end of November. I wonder how many people will be alive then.
  2. A new sock game is starting, I'll be sitting that one out since it seems just too stressful. SockMadness looks like it will be a competition with who can knit the fastest. Since I know that isn't me - why add the stress.
  3. FireFox 2.0 came out the other week. I am enjoying the built in spell check. As I type in blogger or gmail or any site, if I spell a word wrong it is underlined in red and as in word right click gives me spelling options. As a horrible speller and one who often forgets to hit spell check. You should notice an improvement in spelling at this site.
  4. Pink Elephant created a randomizer for people in NaBloWriMo, I cruised through some sites today looking for some inspiration on what to write. I must say there are several posts that start "I don't have much to say ..." and then go on for a couple of screen lengths. Wow what are these posters like when they do have something to say.
  5. For my American readers - get out and vote tomorrow - if you haven't voted in an advance poll yet.
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Wily Jeneric said...

Voting, completed via post this election cycle. I was disappointed with my choices in all the races. Sad, isn't it?

Priscilla said...

What is worse is the lack of coverage in the local races. Yes, yes, we know that the senate race is tight and scandal vs. Bush's boy. The Star-Ledger had one article about the County freeholders and it only said the Dems had way more money than the GOP candidates who had to struggle to buy 500 lawn signs and still do nto have a website. Hey, any mention of issues? Positions?