Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Your vote does count -

Especially if you live in Dorion Township

Nothing very exciting happened in Kitchener elections. Many of the incumbents were re-elected. However, listening to the CBC today they reported on the election in the small Township of Dorion where there is a tie for the position of Reeve. Yep, the exact same number of votes for the two candidates. This automatically generates a recount (hard to believe huh?), if after the recount it is still a tie – the names go in hat – yup get elected to politics by having your name pulled out of a hat. There was one ballot that someone did not vote at all for the position of Reeve - I wonder how they are feeling today. So your vote does count.

I am looking for a web story I can link too but can’t find one right now.

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Priscilla said...

There was a tie last year or two years ago for town mayor of some small NY place. It was decided by a coin toss.