Sunday, November 05, 2006

Visiting Dogs

So as I quickly mentioned yesterday, we went to visit my family yesterday. They have two poodles and two cats, I knew Keeper would get along fine with the dogs. The cats can always be tricky.
After we were there, I got out a rawhide bone for Keeper, of course the poodles immediately wanted one as well so I got small ones out of the cupboard for them. Ginger does not like starting chew sticks, so as usual she immediately dropped hers, but instead of trying to steal who brother Zeus stick. She decided to try for Keepers. Keeper growled, why should another dog steal his toy.
We kept Ginger busy for awhile and she seemed to give up on the large chew stick, Until Keeper got up to see what was happening in another room. Ginger immediately seized on this opportunity ad started on the large stick. We watched to see what would happen when Keeper came back. He looked at the situation and picked up her stick. (He didn't chew it for long, before just deciding to lay down - otherwise I would have taken it from him)

When greyhounds lay down, their bums don't touch the ground, the configuration just doesn't work with their legs. I don't have a good photo but look here to see what I mean. Both Ginger and Zeus, decided to lay down like this. Zeus has short legs so he just bent his front legs and chewed his stick, Ginger bent her back legs, neither poodle stayed in the position long.

He was great with the cats, kept them insight if they were in the room and would follow them out of the room but he didn't chase them. However, today while watching a TV show, there was a cat that screeched. He immediately jumped up and ran around the house to look for the cat. He came back to the room and was just about to lie down when another screech, and another tour of the house was necessary. At that point we decided to turn the volume down on the tv and watch that episode with subtitles.

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Teena said...

Our dog LOVES rawhide chews. She has five or so. The cats will come up and sniff around her when she's chewing ... that doesn't amuse her!