Monday, September 28, 2009

Some acquisitions

I thought I would take a break from my list of FO to show you some of the lovelies that came my way over the summer.

First up, there was a "yard sale" that I attended that just to pare down Heather's stash. I came back with Shelridge Farms Ultra Handpaint - enough for 3 pairs of socks, 3 skeins of Noro Cash Iroha, Fleece Artist merino sock yarn, and some novelty fluff that can will make some nice warm mittens.

This was followed by a trip to Saskatoon, where some lovely (so soft and warm) bison yarn, Sugar Rush - made from Sugar Cane, and some hand dyed sea silk came back to Ontario with me.
I don't know yet what I am going to do with the Bison yarn - besides pet it and exclaim to everyone how great it is. Sugar Rush is a dense yarn 125m/50g for yarn that has wpi similar to sock yarn, holds colours beautifully. This yarn is being knit into Pompa which I think will hold the weight fine. The yarn just slides through your fingers. I thought it might be splitty but I am not having problems with it. The sea silk reminds me of an iris - this is for a yet to be determined pattern.

That brings the acquisitions to the KW Knitters Fair. This year was the first year that I didn't go with a list of things that I was planning on knitting. I decided to be just be fluid about the purchases. The one thing that I did get that was on my list was some buttons for Slinky Ribs. I got some pretty buttons made of Deer Antler they are made by John Galda of AB Originals.
There was also a Fleece Artist kit to make NB a sweater called MinO - it looks like it is going to be a fun knit. There was also two very different skeins of purple bamboo blend sock yarns that were purchased. There was Dye Versions Bamboo stretch which is 93% bamboo and 7% lycra. The second is Painted Fleece Bamboo/nylon blend, it is shinier and silkier than the Dye Versions yarn. Both of these yarns were fairly new to the dyers.

Next up to the stash enhancements will be the Woodstock Fleece Festival - although there is some pressure about going to Rhinebeck.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I have been knitting

Just not blogging.

I was remarking to Sarah that I really should write a blog post, and she commented that I did have lots of finished items to share.
That is true,
Bianca is done, - I ended up going with the dark brown buttons.
Inset socks - done
Dad's Diamonds -done
Serenity socks -done
Coalicheria socks - done
Greyhound dishcloths - six done for charity
Slinky ribs - almost done buttons, blocking and ends woven in
Celtic vest

This post will be devoted to the socks that I have finished and I will try to talk about the other projects later this week.
I will start with the Inset socks by Regia, I know I started these in March.
This was an interesting pattern to knit, even if the socks came out a little big. The hourglass heel and short row toe, had a different method than I had come across before there was two main differences. I will see if I can explain it.

Difference 1. At the start of a row, you slip one, then do a YO, then knit the next stitch. This is instead of doing the wrap and turn at the end of the row. As you normally do in these heels you work on fewer and fewer stitches until there is about one third left.

Difference 2. The other directions that I have seen then have you work outwards from this point, so most of the stitches get two wraps before picking them up. Regia has a different method that I have since adopted for short rows of this type. You work until the middle third of stitches remains then knit and pick up all the wraps, then work outwards doing wrapping the stitches again. This way the stitches only have one wrap and I think gives a nicer edge.
Proof - I used multiple methods on these socks.
Old method - wrapping the stitches twice

One wrap per stitch, you can see how I knit across all the stitches in the dk green colour

Using the one wrap per stitch plus the different wrap technique, gives a nice smooth look on this toe. I tried to do a schematic and it is looking more complicated then it is.

Second, Dad's Diamonds,
These socks were for my Dad's 60th birthday. I changed the pattern on the second so they are were mirrored images.

The yarn was Jawoll Silk (complete details on Rav) and I used the reinforcing thread, on the soles, and up the heel until it ran out.

The reinforcing thread does make for a denser fabric, since it is dyed similar to the main yarn it doesn't affect the stripes (if you know where to look you can see some muting of the colours). I enjoyed working with this yarn and will use it again.

I will leave this post here, and fill you in on the rest of the socks and projects in other posts. Cause by the time I finish all the socks, I am sure Slinky Ribs will be done.