Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Royal

Yesterday, Ali and I went into Toronto to go to the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. It has been a long time since either of us went and Sarah had a family pass as she was working at a couple of booths.
After fighting the traffic to get in and park - a nightmare beyond comprehension. We met up with Sarah and Vick and they got us in to the show. We immediately went to see the llamas and alpaca - so soft. The booth beside Monica's had two baby alpacas there - so cute (we didn't bring our camera since we are such bad bloggers but you can go here to see some photos. There was some horses who were warming up for a competition that we watched for a little while. Then we went and checked out the exhibition area. So many things to try and to take in - Sarah and Vick figured you could eat for an entire day (healthy) with just wondering around all the exhibits. There were apples given away, cheese, milk, smoked trout, not to mention all the oils, dips and jams that were being used as samples, then the cooking demonstrations. Lots of good things to taste - the Hagen Daaz people were not giving away samples though.
I think we will try and go next year as well - lots of fun when the "Country comes to the City".

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