Thursday, June 28, 2007

A lame ass post since ...

... I don't have a camera available to me.
This is coming to you by thanks of JenLa.
Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day only. Then post three events, two births and one holiday that occurred on your birthday, feel free to pass it on.

3 events
490 BC - Athens defeats Persia in the Battle of Marathon (This depends on what calendar you use)
1609 - Henry Hudson discovers the Hudson River
1846 - Elizabeth Barret elopes with Robert Browning

2 Birthdays (but I give you three)
1575 - Henry Hudson (You have to wonder if the date he discovered the river is fudged a little)
1897 - Irene Joliet-Curie, French physicist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
1943 - Michael Ondaatje, poet, professor and novelist

1 Holiday
Sacerdos of Lyon

That's all I have for you today. I was suppose to have a FO picture for you but that will have to wait.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is in your garden?

I was outside the other day and came across this scarf bush

Everyone needs a scarf bush – it even managed to produce one hat. What am I going to do with my harvest from this shrub – - send them to Dulaan of course. June 15 is fast approaching, and I promised to knit five items. So what do I have to send

Scarf and hat from some yellow wool that I received a Christmas. Scarf is garter stitch, knit lengthwise, hat has a deep 1x1 ribbing cuff then a stockinette crown. I think marked these items as for a small adult or large child.

Green scarf – a knitter in the guild gave this one to me to send back in December.

Pink Scarf – I knit this originally for myself but it is too short for me. Besides I have my clapotis now

RPM socks - When I started these socks back in August, they were for me, but before I finished them I thought that I would give them away. Something about the cuff for me – too tight if I remember correctly. They have been sitting around since then finished waiting for a pair of feet to keep warm

The two Challenge vests that I knit will also be going. So that means I am sending 7 items (five items knit by me for for Dulaan).

I just now need to wrap up the packages and get them in the mail. They have only been waiting for that since last week.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Shadow Challenge

Last time I discussed the challenge the guild set (back in October) using one ball of yarn and Jenni wanted to know what had happened about the challenge she set for me. I had been thinking about this post even before she mentioned it.

At the April guild meeting I asked the librarians (I love the fact the guild has a librarian) if they had a book on Shadow Knitting. They didn't but another member suggested Vivian Hoxbro's Shadow Knitting, the guild kindly ordered it for me. I missed the May meeting so I was not able to pick it up until after Victoria Day. Since then I have been reading and swatching.

My first thoughts on the scarf was to knit it lengthwise so it would have long vertical stripes. Here is a swatch for that scarf with scrap yarn that I had.

Okay - that was a straight on photo - now lets look at it from the side

Note: This was unblocked on an uneven surface - I was having trouble getting a good photo but you get the point ( I hope)

I thought the motif had become too square and that you couldn't see how long the hounds are in flight. When I was taking this photo though I thought it looked better than when I had finished knitting it on the weekend).

I purchased some yarn - since these items are going for a silent auction - I wanted some neutral colour that could appeal to a wide range of people - also I needed something light and dark. I found this yarn at Knitwerx in St. Jacobs.

I am knitting this so the stripes run horizontally along the scarf. This really elongates the dog, and I am beginning to think that I won't have to repeat the two motifs that I have ( I might fill in some space at the back with something small (I'll have to wait and do some more measurements and counting).

I am toying with doing the second motif in the opposing colours so the dog will be black on the tan surface. The second motif is wider which is why the border seems so big around this dog.
I am enjoying shadow knitting - as long as you have markers the knitting goes quickly. With shadow knitting all of the pattern work is done on the wrong side rows so it can be difficult to read your knitting.

I think the scarf will need some sort of edging to help prevent it from rolling. It needs to be a simple edging for two reasons - not to take away from the magic of shadow knitting and the scarf is already quite wide.

Thanks to Anonymous for the ID of Star of Bethlehem. That is what this flower is - I thought the common name might have Star in it.