Monday, November 20, 2006

Challenge Vest 2.0

Keeper wishes for everyone to know that he is feeling better today. He is enjoying being fed 6 times/day instead of 2 but wishes all the portions were bigger.

Challenge Vest 2.0
I didn't want to do horizontal stripes again. I wanted to use the yarn in a different manner. I thought about the brick like look of the ball band dishcloth, but new I didn't have enough challenge yarn to incorporate it all over the vest. As I was going through ideas in my mind, I thought about a vertical stripe, on one side from hem to shoulder, it could on the same side up the back as well. I cast on 100 sts in purple (I was making this in the round), I started the ribbing, and joined in the challenge yarn, oh - this may not work. I did two more rounds - getting to the stripe, pulling the yarn across the stripe knitting across. I thought if the stripe was small enough I could do it in the round - it could work. After the third round I finally admitted that the stripe area was going to have 4 strands of fabric over it and the rest of the sweater just a single thickness. Not a good design feature. Out it came.

Challenge Vest 2.1
The vest needs to be knitted back and forth if I want a horizontal stripe. I have decided that since there is 9 sts at the shoulder, the stripe will be 6 sts wide, with the three purple stitches being on the arm side of the shoulder. Cast on 52 sts, start the ribbing. I knit until 9 sts from the end, add the challenge yarn then finish the row with the purple. I do all the ribbing rows and start the stockinette portion. I start thinking about the three stitches at the end, begin thinking that 6 won't be balance since one of those will be used in the seam, begin to think I should have had a 5 stitch stripe. This was not the problem though - do you know what the problem was with that design. Think where did I have that stripe.

I was going to have the stripe run up to the underarm - six or five it didn't matter. All those stitches would be bound off for the underarm shaping. The vest was frogged again.

Challenge Vest 2.2
After figuring out those problems last night I decided that casting on for 2.2 could wait for tonight. I am sure there is another flaw that I am missing. Maybe I will catch it tonight...

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