Monday, November 13, 2006

Election Day

Today across Ontario is municipal election day. Since Kitchener is part of the Region of Waterloo - I get to vote for Kitchen mayor and town council plus Regional chair and councilors for the region plus school board trustees, in total I get to cast my ballot for 11 people. I have never voted in a municipal election before. The first two after I turned 18 I was in university, didn't know the people running and knew it would not be an informed choice. Then I moved to the US and couldn't vote in the elections so here we are time to vote.
I have almost decided who to vote for. In one of the positions two candidates I feel lukewarm about and the third I don't like the politics of at all - another group I have it down to 5 candidates (I get to choose 4 so it is not that bad) from a field of 10. So I have some more reading to do before I go to the polls this afternoon.

While I was looking for the photo for Saturday's post, I came across the this post. The photo is on flickr
I remember this mural from university and completely forgot about it until then, the person who wrote it is very cynical.
The mural says:

Vote for Nobody
Nobody keeps election promises
Nobody will listen to your concerns
Nobody will help the poor and unemployed
Nobody cares!
If Nobody is elected things will be better for everyone

by Anonymous
Nobody tells the truth

Blog Guelph has some wonderful photos from around the city, as well as some local political commentary.

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