Thursday, November 30, 2006

I should have bound off

or Sarah I need my ball winder back

Tuesday night, I was debating about how wide to make the moebius scarf. I decided to leave it for the evening then decide.

Greyhounds have been known to steal things, you are told if you can't find your remote go look in your grey's bed. After we had Keeper for a week, he picked up Trellis and tried to carry it to his bed. I scolded him. Repeat one minute later. Repeat 1 hour later. After those three times he has been pretty good at leaving my knitting alone. He has been trying to pick up the Dulaan vests that have been lying on the blocking board but WIP have been left. Until yesterday.

Keeper wanted to go for a walk at 4:30 - walks are usually after dinner around 7 or so. (He had just been out to potty). I tried to get him to play instead, he wasn't interested. I petted him for a couple of minutes then left him. I heard him go downstairs. I didn't think much of it. I heard him playing downstairs - I wonder what he is playing with as his favourite toys are up here. I go down the stairs. He had taken the Moebius scarf downstairs with him. He had managed to chew threw the needle, and several spots on the ball of yarn - besides unraveling the ball. SHIT!

At this point he has nothing in his mouth but parts of the ball are wound around his leg. I get it off him, take it upstairs and start putting stitches back on the needle (at this point I knew the cable was gone but not that the yarn was broken. While I was assessing the damage, he picks Trellis up, shakes his head (so the needle goes flying) and starts moving towards his bed. DROP IT!

So last night instead of finishing a project or even just making progress, two of my projects went backwards. Trellis won't be too bad. Just putting the stitches back. The moebius scarf however is another story. I picked up the stitches last night, and realized that their are loose ends in the scarf, I have started tinking back to where the yarn is continuous. Tinking curly mohair, 400 sts around - anyone want to come over and help. I think I have to go back 2 rounds.

What, what did I do?

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

DVD commentary

This is my second to last NaBloPoMo post, I will be glad when November is finished. It is difficult coming up with interesting things to talk about every single day.
I'd just like to give a piece of advice to anyone who ends up doing commentary on DVDs from TV shows. Do not talk about future seasons.

Ali and I are making our way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I realize this has been off TV for a couple of years now, but we just got into it this fall and are slowly making our way through the seven seasons. We watch the season, then go and watch the commentary for the episodes. Makes sense, seems like how most people would do it. However, this weekend while watching the commentary for one of the seasons, the following was said "We set it up this way so when XX dies in Season B...." Ah, we haven't watched season B yet*. Thanks for telling me that that person dies. There had been hints and plot points discussed before which could be seen coming or were not overly important. However telling me that a character dies. Not fun. Talking about previous episodes or things that happened later in the same season is fine but don't talk about things that people watching the series for the first time on DVD won't have seen.

Just wanted two put in my two cents.

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*see it is easy to talk about a specific event without giving any information away.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Measuring The Speed of Meme:

With three days left in NaBloPoMo, I wasn't sure what I could write about today. Then as I was reading through the blogs, I came across this study in which a Ph.D. student is investigating how fast memes migrate through the blogosphere. Well I have to help out fellow students - it is part of the student code. He is tracking technorati tags, and wants everyone who comes across this post to mention it on their blog and ping technorati, and ask others to do the same. So please go to his site and mention this on your blog. You can also mention where you first saw this survey, although I don' t know if that is being tracked at all.

There is a few questions about validity, and maybe what defines a meme. I join things like NaBloPoMo and Dulaan 10000 or bust but I don't answer those 40 things you don't know about me memes. So the selectivity or entertainment value of the spreading memes needs to be taken into account. It will be interesting to see the results and how it spreads through different sectors.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend knitting

I have now 3 projects that are almost done:
Charcoal Ribbed Socks - one toe needs to be grafted, ends woven in
Dulaan vest v1.0 and v2.2 both need ribbing for armholes and neck, v2.2 also needs to be seamed

So what did I choose to do on the weekend - well it wasn't finish any of these projects. To be honest, v2.2 was damp from blocking, and I want to make sure I have enough purple to finish that one before I finish v1.0. At least that is the story that I am going with. The socks, I have no excuse, they have been sitting in this state for a couple of weeks now.

Where was I? Oh yeah what was I knitting this weekend. I received this skein of Fleece Artist Goldilocks (the colour is a burgundy -similar to the pic in Wild & Wooly but not as bright) last year for Christmas. I thought about making it into a basic triangular shawl in the summer. However, I quickly realized that it would drive me crazy - it is difficult to see the YO and I know I would forget to do them and up with the a funky looking triangle. To the frog pond it went.

This yarn has been calling to me to knit it but it wasn't giving any indication on what it wanted. At the October guild meeting while I was looking at the library I saw Cat Bordhi's First Treasury Magical Knitting. I thought this would be a good combination, the simplicity of a stockinette mobius with the curls of the Goldilocks. After a search for an appropriate needle - I ended up using my Boyle Needle Master with three cords - I have cast on. I am enjoying it when all those little curls behave. I am going to have more than enough yarn so I might make a hat to go with the scarf when it is done.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Ali and I belong to, it is very similar to the US Netflix. For those people not familiar with these services, you pay a monthly fee and they mail you DVD rentals. Depending on your plan, you can have from 2-5 movies at a time and 4 and up rentals a month. You have a list of movies on your account and when you return one, they mail you the title closest to the top of your list that they have in stock. We have been enjoying it, it is especially great for TV shows that their are 4 episodes on a disk and you may not have time to watch them all over a couple of days from a conventional rental place.
So where am I going with this, well I love the list feature. If someone recommends a movie, I can put it on the list and remember that for some reason I wanted to see this movie. When I come across a mention of a book that I might enjoy, I can add it to my list and at some point get it. Why can't I keep a paper list - I have tried, it works temporarily but you have to have the list close by (and not lose it). See I would love to go to my library and be able to see the list of books that I want to read and what books that I have in at that branch right now. With you can see the lists of the most requested that week, the new releases, most rated lots of ways to get ideas. I have no problems going to my local library to take the books out, I don't need a rental feature for the books. It would just be nice to have a list at the library with books that I want to read.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


You are 100% Canuck!

You rock, you are an almighty Canadian through and through. You have proven your worthiness and have won the elite prize of living in a country as awesome as Canada. Yes I know other countries think they are better, but we let them have that cuz we know better than they do, eh?

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You Are 39% New Jersey!

You've got a little Jersey in you. Not too bad, however you could have done a lot better. Based on this score, you may not actually be from New Jersey. You're missing out!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sock wars - Truce

Socks wars officially ended today. The original plan if there was more than one survivor was the first to kill Yarn Monkey would win but there is an amazingly 79 participants alive. I think this was more than anyone thought there was going to be - more than I thought. Instead of getting 79 pairs of socks, people will kill Yarn Monkey with a post card and kill their last target with current socks.

I think there was postal delays - people were eager to get their socks out, but if they died, it might take them a couple of days until they got to the post office to mail their socks in progress on to their assassin. Some socks got sent across the Atlantic a couple of times. All of this contributes to the slow down in the momentum of the game. I think in the first week over 200 people were killed, in the two weeks maybe 20. The concept of the game was fun, and there was a lot of work done by the organizers. I think though that for another game something needs to be changed. Maybe there were too many people (and too many deserters -56), too quick of a pattern, several people knit the socks in one night. I don't know if a fewer people with a more complicated pattern on thinner yarn would do the trick. I am torn with the idea of an end date - part of me believes the end date is important as the game has slowed down, part believes there shouldn't be an end date to an Assassin game - the last person standing is the winner. I know I got frustrated early on dealing with a deserter and didn't finish my socks as soon as I could since I didn't know where I would be mailing them.

It will be interesting to see what happens during Head Games which was started by a few participants in Sock Wars - it is going with the same premise but with hats instead of socks. Another sock battle game is Sock Madness - which is a race against one other competitor with sock patterns that increase in difficulty. It looks like it could be a lot of fun but I am going to sit it out since I know I am not a fast knitter.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day 23

Last night, with 10 min before we left to go see Rent, I remembered I hadn't posted yesterday - hence my very quick post. With 9 days left in this NaBloPoMo I wasn't going to not post. Although it is becoming more difficult to come up with things to say.

In 2001, Ali and I went to see Rent The Musical on Broadway and loved it. Last night we saw the production on tour and was also fabulous. There was a great response from the audience, everyone seemed to know the characters and there was loud cheering when Maureen came on the stage blinding everyone with her "motorcycle". The audience "moo-ed" during the performance piece. It is these sorts of things that I love about theatre and why I don't enjoy movie productions of the theatre (I haven't seen whole Rent Movie yet). Actually I am not a big fan of the musical movie anyway.

I have a couple of other thoughts rumbling around in my head, I am going to go work on them to see if I can get them into a post.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I am off to see Rent with Needle Rich, Yarn Poor and True North. I will try to report back later tonight. I fully admit this is a lame ass post.

Happy Turkey Day tomorrow to my US friends.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Challenge Vest 2.2

I think this version will be kept. The front is done, and I have enough yarn to put the stripe up the back as well. If I had enough purple (I am pretty sure I don't) I would do a stripe up a sleeve of the sweater instead of the back of the vest.
I enjoyed the colours behaved in the stripe - the stripe was wide enough to have the colours appear in flowing segments blending into one another. It works well, the horizontal stripes caused the long one stitch wide stripes so you couldn't see the colours and and they looked more muddy. The stripe goes into the exact purple of the sweater at the shoulder, which helps make it seem like it belongs on the vest.
The one thing I am counting on blocking to help with is the difference in thickness of the two yarns. The challenge yarn is homespun, the outside of the ball was similar to the cascade 220, but this was pulled from the center of the ball and it is thicker, so the stripe doesn't lie flat.

Here is version 1.0 this time in focus, it is still waiting on the neckline and shoulder ribbing.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Challenge Vest 2.0

Keeper wishes for everyone to know that he is feeling better today. He is enjoying being fed 6 times/day instead of 2 but wishes all the portions were bigger.

Challenge Vest 2.0
I didn't want to do horizontal stripes again. I wanted to use the yarn in a different manner. I thought about the brick like look of the ball band dishcloth, but new I didn't have enough challenge yarn to incorporate it all over the vest. As I was going through ideas in my mind, I thought about a vertical stripe, on one side from hem to shoulder, it could on the same side up the back as well. I cast on 100 sts in purple (I was making this in the round), I started the ribbing, and joined in the challenge yarn, oh - this may not work. I did two more rounds - getting to the stripe, pulling the yarn across the stripe knitting across. I thought if the stripe was small enough I could do it in the round - it could work. After the third round I finally admitted that the stripe area was going to have 4 strands of fabric over it and the rest of the sweater just a single thickness. Not a good design feature. Out it came.

Challenge Vest 2.1
The vest needs to be knitted back and forth if I want a horizontal stripe. I have decided that since there is 9 sts at the shoulder, the stripe will be 6 sts wide, with the three purple stitches being on the arm side of the shoulder. Cast on 52 sts, start the ribbing. I knit until 9 sts from the end, add the challenge yarn then finish the row with the purple. I do all the ribbing rows and start the stockinette portion. I start thinking about the three stitches at the end, begin thinking that 6 won't be balance since one of those will be used in the seam, begin to think I should have had a 5 stitch stripe. This was not the problem though - do you know what the problem was with that design. Think where did I have that stripe.

I was going to have the stripe run up to the underarm - six or five it didn't matter. All those stitches would be bound off for the underarm shaping. The vest was frogged again.

Challenge Vest 2.2
After figuring out those problems last night I decided that casting on for 2.2 could wait for tonight. I am sure there is another flaw that I am missing. Maybe I will catch it tonight...

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I got nothing

I'd love to write a post about something meaningful, maybe a FO - but I got nothing. We were suppose to go to a nephews birthday party today but had to cancel. See last night was the holiday party for my husband's work and we left Keeper out of his crate. He hates being in there and is quite stubborn about going in. He has been great when we have left him for a short periods so we thought we would let him have access to some of the house while we were gone. He is a good boy. However, the food we have been feeding hasn't been agreeing with him. Some days his digestion is fine others well the extreme was last night. We came home to him sleeping upstairs on his bed and diarrhea allover the kitchen floor. Judging by the state of the accident I think it had happened a couple of hours before. I must give him credit - we have carpet through most of the house (ugly, but carpet) - he had his accident on the tile floor so cleanup was do able in the wee hours of the morning without a hunt for a steam cleaner. I am glad he wasn't in his crate - as that is in the living room (on carpet) and dogs who have diarrhea in crates make massive amounts of mess (either getting it all over themselves or trying to angle the gush out of the crate). The accident was near his water bowl so I don't think it was a behavior issue. His stomach has been rumbling all day today and he has been switched to a bland diet. We will slowly introduce a different type of food over the next couple of days.

Maybe I will have knitting content tomorrow, as the only reason you are getting this post is because of NaBloWriMo.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Google earth rocks reason #5432

Google earth has recently come out with a new edition that has historical maps which you can overlay on the satellite photos.
Here is London England

Friday, November 17, 2006

Challenge Yarn - Becomes a Challenge Vest Part 2

I decided to knit the vest on 4.0 mm (US 6) vest, and since size wasn't critical I guessed that my gauge would be around 5 sts/in with the Patons. The pink being the dominant colour that I had was going to be the main colour with the purple and the challenge being accents. I decided to modify the pattern to be knit in the round. According to the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns for this gauge I cast on 128 sts and started off in k2p2 ribbing. After 4 rounds of pink, I did one round of purple, one more of pink and then the ribbing was done. My plan was to have a some stripes of colour below the separation for the front and the back. I guestimated that the stripes that I wanted to do would be 2". All is good so far.
I start knitting the stripes, I pause..

I don't like the colours together - the pink is too light of a pink to balance the purple and the challenge yarn. I also haven't used very much yarn - there is no way that this vest is going to take 550 m. I keep knitting, I sit back and the v-neck is done, the back of the vest is done. I kept thinking I was going to like the colours if I continued to knit.

Well I don't, the vest is blocking and waiting for ribbing around the neck and armholes (I am going to repeat the strip on the ribbing). I am also glad that I didn't knit this vest for a specific child as there is no way this vest fits a 2-4 yo, I have several nephews (and 1 niece) in this age bracket - it won't fit any of them. Maybe it will fit a 6 year old. Oh well, lots of kids in Mongolia, and it is wool and will keep the warm, it should fit one of them.

So what is a knitter to do? Well I think the major problem is the pink colour (I was worried about this from the start), I didn't use enough of the challenge to get to the pink area in that ball, what I was hoping for balance. Halfway through knitting - it dawned on me that I could have kool-aid dyed the pink a red colour and would have gotten a better balance (next time).

I still want something that I can take to the guilds December meeting, to show what I did with the challenge yarn. So I think another vest is in order. I still have around 200 yrds of purple left, which should work for a vest. I haven't yet decided whether I will cast on fewer stitches or keep the same size of vest.

My camera is being a major PIA, it has refused to take a picture for the past week, today it decided to take photos but is refusing to focus. Since I am discussing colour balance - you get to see these crappy photos to look at the colours.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Challenge Yarn - Becomes a Challenge Vest Part 1

Remember this ball of yarn
from the guild challenge. I mentioned yesterday that I had an idea on how to use it. On the meeting on Tuesday night there was a couple of requests for charity knitting - the Alzheimer's foundation, Vests for Hondoruas and I was thinking - vests for Dulaan - hey I can use this ball with some other yarn from my stash and make a vest as one of my items for the project. So last night I got out Anne Budd's Knitters Handy Guide of Patterns and looked up vests. I have heard the patterns run large so I would make the smallest size (to fit a 2-4 yo), now on to yarn requirements - very general as you can imaging but she lists 550 m -925 m for child sizes. I figured smallest size I need to come up with about 500 m of other yarn (I am not quite sure what length I have of the ball challenge). At the meeting I thought about using yarn left from Samus - purple Cascade 220, however I only have about 200 m ... not enough - what other colour do I have lots of ... - I have some Petal Pink Patons Classic Merino 300 m. However in all the colours in the challege yarn I don't see pink. I unwind the ball some - okay it is there. So now I have pink, purple and rainbow - I should have enough. Stay tuned

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Knitting Guild November

Last night was the November knitting guild meeting, I should have brought my camera. During show and tell two knitters told the story of the sweater that ate Manhattan. Priscilla, I think this sweater was larger than your poncho would have been if the design had not been changed 1/2 through. It was massive, it could fit four people. How did this occur? Did they swatch? Yes they swatched and noticed that their swatches grew after steam blocking. So they adjusted and cast on fewer stitches (close to 1/2). The jacket just ate up all the yarn, they bought more yarn. There is $200 of yarn in this giant unwearable coat.

The guest speaker was Denise Powell who spoke about the history of fulled knitting (commonly called felted) and the process she goes through when designing with this technique in mind. One of things that I learned from her is to use smaller needles then what I have taught. The common thing is to use much larger needles then you would normally for the pattern. She uses needles only slightly larger, the fabric maintains straight sides if it is an unconstrained side, and the fabric retains drape. If you are making a purse or something stiff you may want something stiff but for a hat or gloves then something with drape is useful. She also told us the story of when she knit a beaver ..... the animal, and since it was for a book needed to make it for Jamieson Smith yarn. The yarn after two trips through the washer had not felted but had grown in size. It took a total of 6 times through to get it too felt. The yarn is spun tight, and didn't want to felt however once it started to go it went. Just to keep in mind if a wool doesn't felt and you know it should (not superwash, not bleached) it will succumb if given enough time.

I still have one more month for the one ball challenge and I got a great idea last night at the meeting. Stay tuned while I figure it out exactly.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Your vote does count -

Especially if you live in Dorion Township

Nothing very exciting happened in Kitchener elections. Many of the incumbents were re-elected. However, listening to the CBC today they reported on the election in the small Township of Dorion where there is a tie for the position of Reeve. Yep, the exact same number of votes for the two candidates. This automatically generates a recount (hard to believe huh?), if after the recount it is still a tie – the names go in hat – yup get elected to politics by having your name pulled out of a hat. There was one ballot that someone did not vote at all for the position of Reeve - I wonder how they are feeling today. So your vote does count.

I am looking for a web story I can link too but can’t find one right now.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Election Day

Today across Ontario is municipal election day. Since Kitchener is part of the Region of Waterloo - I get to vote for Kitchen mayor and town council plus Regional chair and councilors for the region plus school board trustees, in total I get to cast my ballot for 11 people. I have never voted in a municipal election before. The first two after I turned 18 I was in university, didn't know the people running and knew it would not be an informed choice. Then I moved to the US and couldn't vote in the elections so here we are time to vote.
I have almost decided who to vote for. In one of the positions two candidates I feel lukewarm about and the third I don't like the politics of at all - another group I have it down to 5 candidates (I get to choose 4 so it is not that bad) from a field of 10. So I have some more reading to do before I go to the polls this afternoon.

While I was looking for the photo for Saturday's post, I came across the this post. The photo is on flickr
I remember this mural from university and completely forgot about it until then, the person who wrote it is very cynical.
The mural says:

Vote for Nobody
Nobody keeps election promises
Nobody will listen to your concerns
Nobody will help the poor and unemployed
Nobody cares!
If Nobody is elected things will be better for everyone

by Anonymous
Nobody tells the truth

Blog Guelph has some wonderful photos from around the city, as well as some local political commentary.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Royal

Yesterday, Ali and I went into Toronto to go to the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. It has been a long time since either of us went and Sarah had a family pass as she was working at a couple of booths.
After fighting the traffic to get in and park - a nightmare beyond comprehension. We met up with Sarah and Vick and they got us in to the show. We immediately went to see the llamas and alpaca - so soft. The booth beside Monica's had two baby alpacas there - so cute (we didn't bring our camera since we are such bad bloggers but you can go here to see some photos. There was some horses who were warming up for a competition that we watched for a little while. Then we went and checked out the exhibition area. So many things to try and to take in - Sarah and Vick figured you could eat for an entire day (healthy) with just wondering around all the exhibits. There were apples given away, cheese, milk, smoked trout, not to mention all the oils, dips and jams that were being used as samples, then the cooking demonstrations. Lots of good things to taste - the Hagen Daaz people were not giving away samples though.
I think we will try and go next year as well - lots of fun when the "Country comes to the City".

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

In Flanders Fields

photo from TrekEarth

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Friday, November 10, 2006

IK is here!

I have seen several posts that have discussed the new IK - and finally the mail brought my issue. I have seen the preview on line but it is not the same as flipping through the pages. There are several sweaters in there that I like and I might put the Nantucket jacket by Norah Gaughan on my list, although I will make it with long sleeves. I find sleeves that end at the elbow annoying, it feels like they have been pushed up too far. There are a couple patterns with boat necks, which I don't care for. I still need to actually go through the issue.

Keeper loves chewing on rawhide bones, but I don't like letting him have them unless someone is around, as they can be a choking hazard. So today I bought him a Nylabone- he took it chewed it for about a minute then went and got his rawhide. I'll keep offering it to him and see if it he likes it. I think if it is the only thing in his crate he may use it.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dulaan 10000 or bust

For the past year, I have been thinking that I should do knit something for charity. I haven't yet, but to help induce me in October I signed up for Dulaan 10 000 Items or bust challenge. I have challenged myself to send five items to F.I.R.E. by July 2007. So know that I have made it a public statement I will do it.

I have been working on the charcoal cabled socks, I am working on the cuff on the second one. I tried photographing the socks but the light wasn't very good. It just looked like a black blob - not very good blog fodder so instead you get another photo of Keeper.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day 8

I would have a fuller post, but Blogger was having difficulties earlier. Instead you get this quiz. I tried different combinations and apparently Canada never turns up so I don't think we are an English speaking country anymore.

You Belong in Australia

Sunny, upbeat, and cute
You make the perfect surf bum
Now stop hogging the vegemite!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The trellis grows

I am plodding along the Trellis scarf. I have finished 14 of the 23 pattern repeats. I am understanding the pattern more now, so it is starting to move along. It is nice that I can see a forgotten YO right away as opposed to a couple of rows later and have to tink back.
Keeper has been very good at keeping out of my knitting.

There was only one day he bothered it, picking it up three times (within an hour) to bring to his bed. I think he likes to test the rules, since he hasn't bothered it since. The only damage he did was the third time the knitting got pulled off the needles so I had to carefully put all the stitches back.

I find this election map scary. Did Ohio learn nothing from 2004? When looking at a map like this I can see why there is apathy towards voting, however the system doesn't get fixed through apathy.

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 6 NaBloWriMo

Today is just going to be some random things
  1. There is still 111 (about 15%) people alive in sock wars. I am surprised by that number I thought more would be dead. However I think the mail is slowing things down. By the time you mail you socks and your victim receives it and mails their socks in progress back, it can be several weeks. The game end near the end of November. I wonder how many people will be alive then.
  2. A new sock game is starting, I'll be sitting that one out since it seems just too stressful. SockMadness looks like it will be a competition with who can knit the fastest. Since I know that isn't me - why add the stress.
  3. FireFox 2.0 came out the other week. I am enjoying the built in spell check. As I type in blogger or gmail or any site, if I spell a word wrong it is underlined in red and as in word right click gives me spelling options. As a horrible speller and one who often forgets to hit spell check. You should notice an improvement in spelling at this site.
  4. Pink Elephant created a randomizer for people in NaBloWriMo, I cruised through some sites today looking for some inspiration on what to write. I must say there are several posts that start "I don't have much to say ..." and then go on for a couple of screen lengths. Wow what are these posters like when they do have something to say.
  5. For my American readers - get out and vote tomorrow - if you haven't voted in an advance poll yet.
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Visiting Dogs

So as I quickly mentioned yesterday, we went to visit my family yesterday. They have two poodles and two cats, I knew Keeper would get along fine with the dogs. The cats can always be tricky.
After we were there, I got out a rawhide bone for Keeper, of course the poodles immediately wanted one as well so I got small ones out of the cupboard for them. Ginger does not like starting chew sticks, so as usual she immediately dropped hers, but instead of trying to steal who brother Zeus stick. She decided to try for Keepers. Keeper growled, why should another dog steal his toy.
We kept Ginger busy for awhile and she seemed to give up on the large chew stick, Until Keeper got up to see what was happening in another room. Ginger immediately seized on this opportunity ad started on the large stick. We watched to see what would happen when Keeper came back. He looked at the situation and picked up her stick. (He didn't chew it for long, before just deciding to lay down - otherwise I would have taken it from him)

When greyhounds lay down, their bums don't touch the ground, the configuration just doesn't work with their legs. I don't have a good photo but look here to see what I mean. Both Ginger and Zeus, decided to lay down like this. Zeus has short legs so he just bent his front legs and chewed his stick, Ginger bent her back legs, neither poodle stayed in the position long.

He was great with the cats, kept them insight if they were in the room and would follow them out of the room but he didn't chase them. However, today while watching a TV show, there was a cat that screeched. He immediately jumped up and ran around the house to look for the cat. He came back to the room and was just about to lie down when another screech, and another tour of the house was necessary. At that point we decided to turn the volume down on the tv and watch that episode with subtitles.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday post

The worst part of NaBloWriMo is posting on weekends. Just not part of my routine. I tried to do Saturday Sky and failed after the first week. Today we went to my parents, in part to introduce the dogs when not much else was going on. They have two poodles (and two cats).
They got along great and I will show some pics on tomorrow post.

How Many of Me?

If you want to know how many people in the US have your name, check this site out. Even though neither of my names are common (not of unheard of either) I was surprised with how many people had my combination of names. This number also does not include Theresa and other alternative spellings.
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


In support of NaNoWriMo*, I have signed up NaBloPoMo*. Instead of writing a novel in a month (those people are crazy), I will post a blog entry every day for a month. I have a few ideas, on what I can post, and will be stretching those out to cover 30 days. One of the major differences between the novel and blog posting is length. The NaNoWriMo wants a 50 000 word novel thats a lot of words, for the blog a simple picture will do, or just a couple of quick lines. If you except that 1 picture=1000 words if I post 2 pictures a day I will easily surpass the 50 000 (all though I don't think that counts as a novel.

*National Novel Writing Month and national Blog Posting Month-

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October Books

I didn't read many books in October. No real reason just one of those months.

Son of A Witch by Gregory Maguire – I have to agree with Jenni not as good as Wicked. There were some sections that I think someone else wrote, they didn’t seem to flow as well with the rest of the book. It tells the story of Liir’s coming of age and determining who he realy is. It starts with Liir being found almost dead in coma, and then through flashbacks tells the story of how he became in the position.

The Birth House by Ami McKay – I loved this book, it was recommended to me in the summer by Megan, and I immediately requested it from the library – I was 48th on the list.
Dora Rare becomes a midwife under the tutelage of Miss B. during the Great War and has to struggle with the not so local doctor who doesn’t think anyone without an MD has the knowledge to help women during child birth. Women in the small town have to struggle to prevent being forced to travel long distance over treacherous roads to deliver their babies in the hospital under chloroform anesthesia. Dora has her own personal problems that extend beyond helping the women of her community. On the Birth House website you can take the quiz to find out if you suffer from hysteria or neurasthenia, there was another treatment besides a hysterectomy for this problem - which women understandably preferred.
I am looking forward to McKay's next book The Virgin Cure

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