Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Challenge Vest 2.2

I think this version will be kept. The front is done, and I have enough yarn to put the stripe up the back as well. If I had enough purple (I am pretty sure I don't) I would do a stripe up a sleeve of the sweater instead of the back of the vest.
I enjoyed the colours behaved in the stripe - the stripe was wide enough to have the colours appear in flowing segments blending into one another. It works well, the horizontal stripes caused the long one stitch wide stripes so you couldn't see the colours and and they looked more muddy. The stripe goes into the exact purple of the sweater at the shoulder, which helps make it seem like it belongs on the vest.
The one thing I am counting on blocking to help with is the difference in thickness of the two yarns. The challenge yarn is homespun, the outside of the ball was similar to the cascade 220, but this was pulled from the center of the ball and it is thicker, so the stripe doesn't lie flat.

Here is version 1.0 this time in focus, it is still waiting on the neckline and shoulder ribbing.

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