Sunday, December 31, 2006

Items Finished in 2006

Just a list of things that were finished in 2006, I don't consider this a recap of the year but just cleaning up the sidebar. I might have forgotten some of the items before I started the blog. I realize some of these items do not have finished details on the blog. I will try and get photos taken and the final links up. The photos may be in 2007 but the projects were completed in 2006.
Accessories Vests and Sweaters
Scarves and Shawls

Blog activities

One post a day for 30 days - Successful !


Did not fill in my card :(

I managed not to use all of my exceptions. I may try this again depending on the size of my stash beginning in May- Have to wait and see.

Killed October 3, 2006

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