Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The trellis grows

I am plodding along the Trellis scarf. I have finished 14 of the 23 pattern repeats. I am understanding the pattern more now, so it is starting to move along. It is nice that I can see a forgotten YO right away as opposed to a couple of rows later and have to tink back.
Keeper has been very good at keeping out of my knitting.

There was only one day he bothered it, picking it up three times (within an hour) to bring to his bed. I think he likes to test the rules, since he hasn't bothered it since. The only damage he did was the third time the knitting got pulled off the needles so I had to carefully put all the stitches back.

I find this election map scary. Did Ohio learn nothing from 2004? When looking at a map like this I can see why there is apathy towards voting, however the system doesn't get fixed through apathy.

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