Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend knitting

I have now 3 projects that are almost done:
Charcoal Ribbed Socks - one toe needs to be grafted, ends woven in
Dulaan vest v1.0 and v2.2 both need ribbing for armholes and neck, v2.2 also needs to be seamed

So what did I choose to do on the weekend - well it wasn't finish any of these projects. To be honest, v2.2 was damp from blocking, and I want to make sure I have enough purple to finish that one before I finish v1.0. At least that is the story that I am going with. The socks, I have no excuse, they have been sitting in this state for a couple of weeks now.

Where was I? Oh yeah what was I knitting this weekend. I received this skein of Fleece Artist Goldilocks (the colour is a burgundy -similar to the pic in Wild & Wooly but not as bright) last year for Christmas. I thought about making it into a basic triangular shawl in the summer. However, I quickly realized that it would drive me crazy - it is difficult to see the YO and I know I would forget to do them and up with the a funky looking triangle. To the frog pond it went.

This yarn has been calling to me to knit it but it wasn't giving any indication on what it wanted. At the October guild meeting while I was looking at the library I saw Cat Bordhi's First Treasury Magical Knitting. I thought this would be a good combination, the simplicity of a stockinette mobius with the curls of the Goldilocks. After a search for an appropriate needle - I ended up using my Boyle Needle Master with three cords - I have cast on. I am enjoying it when all those little curls behave. I am going to have more than enough yarn so I might make a hat to go with the scarf when it is done.

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