Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One Ball Challenge

Tuesday night was the KW Knitters Guild meeting. As this years theme is Reduce Reuse Recycle, we were all asked to bring in a leftover ball of yarn for the One Ball Challenge. We put the ball into a paper bag, with our name (so we didn't take the same ball) and took home someone else's ball of yarn. The idea is to bring back a finished item that incorporates the yarn that we received to the December meeting.

This is the yarn that I received in the exchange.
Guild challenge 01

The ball weighs 46 g and was handspun. It looks to be sport-DK weight, and is 100% wool. The guidelines of the challenge are to use this alone or with other yarns in my stash. The yarn hasn't spoken to me yet, as to what it wants to be. I am going to leave it out and think about it for a little bit.

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Stephanie said...

Ooooooh but it's so pretty!