Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Mali Purse



Project Specs:
Needles: 6 mm Addi Turbos (US 10)
Yarn: 1 ball Quebecois from London Yarns and 2 balls cream yarn from Sarah's auction find
Pattern: Inspired from the Mali sweater pattern in Knitting Out of Africa.
Project Notes (aka What did I learn):
  1. The stranded pattern gives the sides of the bag lots of structure. I wish I had done something similar on the bottom.
  2. I figured out yarn dominance - and it is very important on which yarn comes from the bottom in two colour knitting.
  3. I tried different things with the handles - and ended up just continuing the side panel pattern.
  4. I knit back and forth on the handles - stranded purling is slower but can be done. Since the handles were in stockinette, the handles rolled in on each other - I really like how they felted into tubes.
  5. I should have made the flap 50% longer, however it still works, and just needs a fastener.

1 comment:

Betsu said...

I really like the sides of the bag. How many trips to the washer did it take?