Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Should I write a redux of 2006 which seems to be popular around the blogosphere. I know I have been quiet these past couple of weeks with all of the holiday events and visiting. All though a rehash of the events of the past year are just not my style.

There is much talk of Knitting from Stash 2007, however I am not going to join. Not that I feel the need to support LYS, but I knitted from stash this past summer and I do not have a large stash. If I wanted to knit a sweater I don't have the yarn for it, even if I wanted it a multicoloured coat. I do have some lace weight yarn that I want to dye and knit up, some sock yarn that has been marinating I think long enough and a few other smaller projects.

I guess the first project for the year will be to finish my Christmas knitting - "what you are not done?" I hear you saying. Nope, and I had no plans on being done for the new year. Let me explain. My family always does a Pollyanna (sometimes called white elephant) gift exchange. This is the type that everyone brings a generic gift, you draw names and can either steal or unwrap a new gift. Half the family loves this style others would prefer to have a specific person. My feeling is that if I am spending $$ on a gift I want to make sure that gift is appreciated. Some people end up unwrapping their own gifts, in previous years I have done gift cards to a large store. This summer though I had an idea - "custom socks" I wrapped up some sock yarn, with a card that said that the recipient gets a custom made pair of socks. They could choose the colour and style - this way if the recipient was an uncle they could get gray or navy socks that fit or if it was a SIL a colourful or lacy pair. The gift recipient like the felted clogs that I was wearing and asked for a pair of those instead of socks. Not a problem. I bought the yarn yesterday when NRYP was visiting.

In other knitting news, I have a finished Friday Harbour sock and 1.5 Denmark socks so hopefully it won't be too long before they can be added to my completed list.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing you all the best for 2007!

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Liz K. said...

I agree with you that I prefer gifts to be personal, and I think you came up with a fantastic solution. Can't wait to see the felted clogs, and I am planning on making myself a pair for one of my next projects.