Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Warm feet

Stephanie was great last night she had everyone at the guild laughing while telling her stories about belong in the niche market of knitting humourist. I let her know that I was one of her stalkers - I have met her now in Maryland, Doylestown, PA and now Waterloo. Sarah was happy to have compelted 50% of her people to meet before she dies list - the only other person on that list is Joss Whedon. Sarah and Vick stayed over last night since the snow was blowing and they didn't feel comfortable driving home on the roads. A fun time was had by all.

Before the holidays I discussed making myself the Fibertrend Felted Clogs but that they were awaiting felting. Here is the finished project.

Yarn: Chaco Worsted Wool in turquoise and navy - purchased at MSW 2005
Needles: 9 mm (US13) circular
Pattern: Fibertrends Felted Clogs in women's medium.

Comments: I did not have a full ball of the navy but was able to compensate with finishing the bottom sole with the turquoise on the second sole. Works fine for me. The one thing about this slipper though is I wish it was just a tad smaller. The slippers were felted through 4 washes on cold and then 2 cycles with hot water. I don't think there was much change between the two hot washes- I may retry at a later time as I like my slipper snug. The slippers these are replacing were probably felted too small but then stretched to my feet while wet (blocked on my feet in front of the fireplace).

I have not been able to knock many miles off this week from the 100 mile challenge since Keeper would prefer to stay snuggled under the blankets then to go outside. (Well who can blame him?) For the time being we are going for one walk a day.

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Sarah said...

I figure its a bit of bad luck (plus a little creepy) to have only one person on your "to meet" list... so I am hearby adding David Nedohin/Randy Ferbey/Brad Gushue. I would meet any or all of them.