Monday, December 18, 2006

Warm feet -- almost

I don't know if I ever showed you this picture before:

it is a partially finished Fibertrends Felted Clog*. Last week I finished them after ripping all the navy out. I thought the navy was a full ball but I had used some of them for Ali's pair of slippers last year. I was able to use one layer of navy on the bottom and the rest is the turquoise. I have been felting other projects in my front loading washer - just through them in with everything else that I wash - and use cold water. I think tomorrow I will be using hot water. The slippers have now gone through 4 cold water washes but are still a little big - they are still a little long and very wide. I was hoping I could be having some toasty feet today but it will have to wait.
I have heard a rumour that Fibertrends has recently released a new sizes that give options for narrow feet - I didn't see anything on the website. Does anyone know if this is true or not? The pattern I have has Wm s/m/l and Men m/l. So there is lots of sizes just not the narrow option.

Keeper does approve of these slippers. On Saturday, I had been wearing them (they are too big for walking normally in but I can shuffle around in them or have warm feet while I sit and knit) I had taken them off and had my feet tucked up under me on the couch, Keeper came over quickly grabbed one went back to his bed and went to sleep. He just thought it made a nice addition to his collection. While I was knitting these he didn't pay any attention to them. Keeper is currently curled up on his bed waiting for dinner. Dinner is not until 6 so he needs to wait, although he will start pacing at 5:50 just to make sure that I haven't forgotten that it is dinner time.

*it wasn't until I found that link that I realized I did the same colours as in the picture
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