Thursday, January 25, 2007

Finished Trellis

I have been owing you a photo of Trellis for awhile now, but I had a good reason. The knitting was done before Christmas, but there was a situation. When there was three rows left. Keeper decided to help me out. He grabbed it from my knitting bag when I was out, brought the knitting downstairs and at some point got it tangled so he chewed a hole in the middle.
Yes screaming and crying occurred when I came home. After letting it marinate for awhile.
I removed the damaged repeat from the middle. I let it marinate in this way for awhile since I decided that I wasn't going to get it done for Christmas without losing my sanity. Until this past week and I grafted the two sides together.

Needles: 3mm
Yarn: Misti Alpaca laceweight in Forest Green 1 skein
Pattern: Trellis Scarf from IK Spring 2006 by Evelyn A. Clark
Size: 168 cm x 23 cm (about 66"x 9")
Notes: I needed to use markers for each pattern repeat for a good chunk of the scarf. It was painful at first because they moved so often but it was worth the time.

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Liz K. said...

Wow! What a fix! You deserve the fearless knitter award.