Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Moebius update

Monday night I spent several hours reballing the yarn for the Moebius scarf after this debacle. Combine that with the several hours of tinking and this is what I have.
Two of those small balls were taken out of the scarf. Most of the yarn was salvageable just a huge amount of time to fix this.

Keeper does love my lace knitting though (and this hardly qualifies), I put this project in my knitting bag to get ready to take to the guild meeting. I hadn't done the snaps on it, so what does he do soon as my back is turned. Grabs it from the bag. Luckily I was still tinking so the ball wasn't attached and I noticed right away. No more damage done.

Unfortunately, Friday night when we were out Christmas shopping he grabbed Trellis (5 rows from being completed) and put a hole in it. I think I can take out a pattern repeat and graft the two sides together. I was going to show you a pic but the camera died.

Last night at the guild meeting I showed off the compelted Dulaan vest, and picked up a scarf. Someone else used their challenge ball to make a scarf for charity, since I mentioned my scarf was going to Mongolia, she told me to take the scarf to send as well. So I will add to this to my package that I will send to F.I.R.E.

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