Friday, December 22, 2006

Random Pre Holdiay thoughts

I am not sure what is happening with the internet today. Over half the sites I am trying to go to are down. At first I thought it was my connection going in and out, but I think it is the sites. Some sites are consistently working (google, yahoo) but other sites I can't get through. So I can do a google search but not be able to follow any of the links. I guess that means I have used up my internet quota for the month - however blogger is letting me blog.

I have mentioned before. Well, Ali and I began watching Lost and like everyone else has gotten into the story. When sent out Disk 4 (season 1 so no spoilers), it took a little longer than usual to get to us - then the envelope looked like it had been dropped in the snow and stepped on. I tentatively opened the package up and checked the disk - cracked. I immediately mailed it back out. I checked the box that I would like a replacement sent. Today, we received the replacement - this envelope too looked damaged. I opened it carefully - since maybe we aren't meant to view disk 4, maybe they are lost episodes* with the secret to the island on it. Disk 4 is in fine shape and maybe going into the DVD player tonight. It has been a couple of weeks now since we have seen an episode. I may forget what is going on.

The felted clogs are on my feet currently, they are still a little big- I like my slippers snug- so they might go in another wash.

I decided to knit Friday Harbour from Knitting on the Road, I didn't bother to check gauge - cast on and went. I put the sock on to check when to start the toe decreases. The cuff is very tight- I can get in on past my ankle but I am not sure I like it. I knit these socks on size2.25 mm (US1) with 8 spi, checked the pattern (after trying it on and questioning the fit) it calls for 2.75 mm (US2) with 6 spi. If the pattern was not so lacy I don't think I would be able to even get it on my foot. So here is the dilemma do I rip out the whole sock, rip out the cuff and knit it up. I have lots of yarn so my current thinking is to finish this sock, knit a pair on 2.75 mm (maybe I'll get out my 2.5 mm) and make a mate to the smaller version and find someone with slightly smaller feet than I have.

I hope everyone has a joyous holiday season - whatevery holiday you are celebrating this year, and a Happy 2007.

*you could see that coming I know, but I couldn't help myself.
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Merry Christmas TT!