Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out for a walk

So Rachel has come up with this idea, maybe you have heard of it Run/Walk 100 miles by April 1. I figure that since I walk the dog twice a day it should be no problem. So I signed up. I then went over to a nifty site that uses google maps to track the distance that you travel. I did some mapping - the walk I did this morning and some other iterations of the walks - 1.9 miles (3.0 km). So I should be able to hit 100 miles well before March 1. The only hitch in the plan is if it gets cold, and Keeper refuses to walk. He loves walking so I don't think there will be many days we don't do at least 2 miles. I am going to challenge myself to walk 300 km by April 1.

The other thing that will help in this endeavor is a Christmas present I got - a Garmin etrex Vista handheld GPS unit.

This will be great for some geocaching and seeing how far we go on the hikes. The other night we took it with us while walking Keeper - we had 27 min of stopped time, and 25 min of traveling time. Yep Keeper does like to stop and sniff and can be stubborn if we are not going his way.


Wily Jeneric said...

I so joined, too! Of course, I don't have a fun dog to walk, but I will get to do weight training with Autumn in the carrier.

Love your GPS, too. Let us know how the caching goes!

Christine said...

I arrived at your blog via runagogo. Have fun with your Garmin. I love mine! Geocaching is sooo much fun, too! Have you been caching a while or are you new at it?