Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The state of the shawl

The last time I blogged about this shawl, I had just finished ripping out everything that I had completed (about 50% of the entire shawl). It has been reknit on size 3.25mm and it looks better (still like boiled ass which unblocked lace tends to resemble but better than on the 3.5 mm needles).

I have completed 4 rows of the third chart. If you ever knit this pattern I'll give you a hint - for the P5together have a small crochet hook handy. It is much easier to complete this maneuver with the hook than trying to use the needles. There is a p5tog every 10 sts every wrong size row for the next 20 rows so you will get lots of practice. Here is a schematic - the purple the end of chart 2, the blue is what is completed of chart 3.

I am going to take Jenni's advice and consider my victim to be dead of natural causes and I will send out the sock wars socks soon as I hear back from my victim's victim on her address. We emailed yesterday about whether my victim was playing or not so she should send me her address without a problem. I added length to the toes last night.

Priscilla - home made cookies can be difficult to send without an address (also socks I am finding) since the goal is to kill my opponent and not to injure them I don't think I will be wishing for a speedy recovery. Also I figure homemade stuff can be too tempting for customs officials - store bought chocolate can do the trick.

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Wily Jeneric said...

That's right - kill 'em! There's no cookies in war!

Shawl looks pretty fine. Keep on trucking!