Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alas I am dead

Last night I received this package.

I was worried about what it may contain. The package was from Ted in St. Louis

I was right to be worried. Inside I found the Socks of Doom. They look like they will be nice and warm for winter. Thanks Ted.

On a different note I found this in my garden the other day and it makes me happy. Do you recognize it?How about in this picture?

It is a strawberry, but what is it doing flowering and fruiting at this time of year you may ask. No, these are not mutant strawberries – they are alpine strawberries* (Fragaria vesca). They flower and produce fruit in the fall. Another difference to the common strawberry is that they don’t spread with runners. I was unable to have any of the few strawberries last year – I only was able to see the flowers. I am looking forward to these. Although there won’t be enough fruit for a bowl, just a few fresh berries at this time of year can be delicious. I am hoping the neighbourhood rabbit doesn’t get them.

*In looking for a link, the gardening links say they produce fruit in July or throughout the growing season. Last year and this year my plant only produced flowers in the fall. It might depend on the subspecies or variety.

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Wily Jeneric said...

What a glorious way to die - with hand made socks!

Did you get your socks off in time that you get the kill or will the socks you knit be credited to Ted?? Yipes!

Alpine berries are some of the best out there. If they grow large enough, the seeds aren't bad and the flavo(u)r is amazing.