Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rhinebeck weekend

This past weekend there were two events that Ali and myself like to go to. The first is the World Tang Soo Do Region #8 championships. It is held at Fernwood Resort in Pennsylvania. I will let him tell you about this. The second event is the New York Sheep and Wool festival or as it is called around the blogosphere "Rhinebeck".
On Sunday we drove from the Poconos to Rhinebeck and met up with Wily Jeneric and Priscilla for some fiber shoppping. Since we are very bad bloggers there are very few photos and they are all over at Wiley Jeneric's. People who went on Saturday complained about the crowd which is the advantage of going on Sunday. The place was busy but you could easily move around and lines were not long. The downfall is some of the yarns are sold out. I purchased some copper mordant for some dyeing that I am planning on.

I did not fill my Bingo card, I did meet some bloggers who were squares but most of these people were not on my card. Oh well. I met two or three people who I was on their card. So people were playing. Thanks to Stitchy for organizing this.

I have some other updates to make later in the week.

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