Monday, October 30, 2006


Well October is almost finished and I managed to finish one pair, start a second pair and knit a pair of baby booties and . However I really didn't devote much knitting time this month to the socks. The charcoal ribbed socks are languishing - I should have listen to this yarn it wasn't ready to be knitted yet and I am paying the price. This is how the sock is behaving - I decided my gauge was too loos and I ripped out the couple of inches that I had started with, it then took me about 1 day to cast on. I kept casting on either the completely wrong number of stitches or screwing up the cast on in other ways (dropping stitches several on row 1). I then knit to the heel flap and decided I didn't like the pattern so out it came. I am currently satisfied with the sock although I realize that something dreadfully wrong may occur at any moment. Oh yeah I also lost a needle last weeked it was either left at the Poconos or is in the car somewhere.

Here are a few more pics of Keeper.

I have a coat for him, but haven't purchased the wool yet for his sweater. He will wear his coat, the first night we got him we put his coat on for a walk and 1/2 through the walk I began to wonder if he would do his business with it on (he hadn't yet). I took the coat off and within a few minutes he started marking his territory. I had heard that some male dogs don't like to pee with anything on their tummies (makes sense to me). However Sunday morning it was cold and it was time for a walk so I put on his coat (I figured I could take it off part way through the walk) and he happily did his business with the coat on. This bodes well for the winter (when he may get booties to wear as well).

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Priscilla said...

Keeper has VERY TINY ankles and thin legs. Maybe he needs a pair of socks or leg warmers to go with his booties.