Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Samus sleeves

I have one sleeve seemed in to the body of the sweater, I thought this would be an exciting time. My first sweater is almost wearable and this would push me on to finish. However, I am not happy. The sleeve seemed to grow with blocking which the body didn't. While the sleeves were blocking, I thought maybe I just didn't pay close enought attention to the change in the body, it did seem a little longer. I think I am going to rip out the sleeves although I will be leaving it for a day, for the final decision.

Problems with the sleeves
  1. The cuff is huge. I would just like to say, how much it flares is not evident when the sleeve is flat.
  2. The sleeve is too long- the first sleeve I knitted I got carried away knitting before the sleeve cap decreases, I had to remove 5 cm of knitting. I still think it is at least 3 cm too long - maybe more.
  3. The sleeve cap kind of puffs up some, in reminescent of 80's fashion - I was thinking I would just try to block this out, but since I have other issues with the fit I might as well disclose this as well. It probably is not near as bad as the 80's but it still bothers me, when I was going for clean lines.
So the question is, should I just make the sleeves for the small size instead of the medium size - the body of the sweater is medium?

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Orris said...


I saw your comment on Harlot's blog, and thought I'd drop in to visit. Welcome to Ontario. It's not THAT bad. *grins* After all, if you're in Ontario, you're in Harlot-country.
Hope the buying process goes well for you. Cheers.
PS I haven't updated my blog in ages, so I apologize if you try to look me up and get a months old entry.