Friday, March 24, 2006

Back to NJ

So back in NJ, the trip down was uneventful, hardly anyone was on the roads.The more I make the drive the easier it is. That being said however I really don’t want to do the drive much any more.I want to finish school, and move back to Ontario for good.

Completed the gusset in the second Jaywalker – should be able to finish these this weekend.I think then for my next socks I am going to make my husband a pair out of the grey Trekking XXL I got at Rhinebeck. I don’t have the colourway in front of me so I can’t tell you what number it is. I am going to do a toe up pattern in a waffle rib. I am beginning to be a fan of doing a simple rib in socks as it allows the socks to have the little bit more of a fit. The toe up as I have learnt for men’s socks is great – this can give them a longer leg with ribbing for their calves without the dread of running out of yarn. Did that once – PITA!!

The sleeves of the Samus are sitting again in time out. The sleeve that I ripped out and was making smaller –with the yarn from the originally sleeve – not enough yarn – WTF. Smaller sleeves should require less yarn. I was knitting in denial for about ½ the sleeve. I was thinking – I am not going to have enough yarn, - that can’t be right I should have extra the ball must be deceiving me. Denial, denial, denial. When I finally accepted the fact I decided to continue to knit it to see how much I would be short – 10 rows, yes 10 rows. I don’t know how. I am going to double check my gauge. I am on the same needles. Is it because yarn properties are drastically different after blocking? Does the yarn bend some sort of physics rule? Is the sleeve actually bigger than before and I just haven’t realized it yet. These questions and more are yet to be answered.

House issues – just trying to get property insurance, finalize electrical quotes and all that boring mundane stuff that is very important. I have a whole list of things I want to do on the house, which 90% will wait until I have a job. Somehow it is just easier to get things accomplished with a pay cheque.

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