Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Internet woes

As either Blogger or my internet connection is not allowing me to directly post the photos on the blog, I have to add them from Flickr. I am getting very sick of all the time outs this internet connection gives me. Crappy crappy crappy. We have VoIP and several times, if I make a phone call, I can hear the other person but they can't here me. It is like I am stalking them. Since the connection is crystal clear on my end, I can't tell I am going to have this problem until I speak.

On the knitting front, I ripped out one sleeve of Samus including some of the cable. I then changed the rate of increases and started the sleeve cap about 3 cm before I did before. The yarn shouldn't grow anymore - correct - since while I was doing this third sleeve, I realized that I am still following for the length pretty close to what I did before - it is just blocking caused it to grow in length. I didn't bother taking pictures of the sleeves, you have seen them.. Making them a little smaller doesn't make them any different in photos.

This is half the hemp bag. I as I have run out of yarn this is where it is going ot stay. It is about half done.

I promised you photos the other day of the house, here is one of the kitchen from the dining room. (It really is all the same room). I am thinking of painting it dark green - the same green as in the my Denby dishes. I had always planned on having a mustard yellow kitchen to go with all my cobalt blue stuff but I think with this woodwork and tiling it won't look good. I do think the dark green will set everything off. We are going to move the island, and make it more of a peninsula.

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