Sunday, March 19, 2006

I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I should update everyone on what is going on.

The house inspection went well, most of the major issues were things we already knew about. The electrical system is not up to code, the grading in the back yard needs to be changed as water should not run towards the house. There were a few minor things that fixing will be better in the long run - putting silicone caulk between the tile and tub join in the bathroom instead of just tile grout. I say this however after a couple of days. Going through the house with the inspector was a different story. All the minor things seemed major, this despite the fact that he kept saying this house is solid, the house is in great shape etc. I did have a feeling of "what am I getting into". We should get the final report tomorrow.

We also had a couple of electricians in to give us a quote to update the electrical system and move the meter outside. The first electrican didn't listen to what I wanted at all, I think his quote will be the lower of the two, but he also didn't look through the entire house. He was looking at cheap ways to do the job. "There is a lot of things that two prong outlets is fine - lamps, clocks etc- you don't need to update all of the wiring." Um, I want to update the wiring, there isn't enough outlets in the rooms, so I want more outlets added. He was suggesting doing half of a job instead of doing the full job and I don 't think the difference will be half the cost.
Hopefully we get the quotes tomorrow. The electrical utility will give us a rebate for moving the meter outside which will be helpful.

We have until Wednesday to finalize the deal, except that I am driving back to NJ that day so we should do it on Tuesday. Our lawyer came back from vacation yesterday and so should look over the paperwork tomorrow. Did I mention the closing date is April 28, in some fronts very soon in otherwise not soon enough.

On the fibre front. I havent' done anything on Samus, I do need to rip out the sleeves still. I may work on that this afternoon. My second jaywalker is started but not worth posting a photo of.
The hemp bag though - is almost done- which actually where it might stay for awhile. I am pleased with how it is turning out. However I only bought one skein of the yarn, I realized afterwards I should have bought at least two skeins. I wanted to wait to see if I needed one or two skeins more, and before I bought more if my idea would actually work. I haven't figured out what to do for handles yet, this yarn is very stiff, and I don't know if I can get I-cord to look nice with this yarn or if I should knit garter handles. The issue is also the strongest way to attach the handles, I have a feeling the hemp yarn is stronger than a simpler join and I want this bag to be able to withstand some weight for a period of time.

Spent the day yesterday with my brother, SIL and nephews. Lots of fun and we discussed homeownership and closing fees etc.

I was going to post some photos of the different rooms, but I am having problems uploading them.

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