Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yarn Monkey is full of good ideas for the online knitting community. Her newest idea is a knitting freecycle Knitcycle organized on yahoo groups. She has also started a new tournament Knit Off, which is similar to sock madness but I don't know what YarnMonkey will have you knit in the tournament. I will not be participating in either tournament but will be interested in watching the posts on Knitcycle.

On Monday while I was out shoveling the snow, I was enjoying shoveling it being winter and all. That length of warm weather at the beginning of the month was depressing. However, I am starting to think that having a couple of days off from shoveling would be nice. The only day in the past week that I have not shoveled was Sunday. I think that was because I spent the day at my parent’s cottage on Lake Erie as opposed to being at home. We are not getting snow everyday but when it doesn’t snow I either have to go out and shovel what A) I missed the day before and has now become ice/slush and will freeze to ice in the evening or B) powdered snow the wind has blown in.

The knitting on the last Christmas gift is done. I just have a seam to sew and through them in the washer for a cycle or three. I would show you a picture but see my rant below.

For my next knitting project I am thinking of knitting Clapotis (did I really need to link to that) from some beautiful Brooks Farm 4 play silk wool blend. I only have one luscious skein, so I know it will be skinnier than the pattern calls for, but I think it will make a nice scarf instead of a wrap. I know almost everyone has made this pattern before so is there anything I should watch out for or just start knitting merrily away.

Comments from last time: Wow I had no idea that everyone just blatantly ignores the Koigu handwash instructions and throws them in the machine. Mine have since gone into the washing machine (without protection) and have come out fine. They are on my feet again.

I don’t actually know when I am going to get this posted as blogger is being an ass. In the past couple of weeks I have seen that Error 502 message from Google way to often. They are apparently doing maintenance now. They seem to always be doing maintenance.
The posting area has changed and there is no buttons for adding photos or links, to see a preview. All that good stuff you want in a blog editor.

Oh - I just had a http post error - not supported by this url. UM this is how I always post.

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