Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A trip to the washer

The other day Claudia mentioned taking her husband's koigu socks out of the washing machine. What! She machine washed Koigu! I asked her about, and she replied she has never had a problem although they get a little fuzzy. Well I sort of tried it the other day. I put the Pomatomus in the lingerie bag and into the washer*. The result:

No guarantees on your socks. I may even get bold and try it outside of the bag. I am not going to try the merino that the FHS and Denmark socks are made of since it is very fuzzy and there were two parts in the ball that were almost felted together already.

* do I need to mention on cold and they did not go in the dryer.
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Julia in KW said...

I wash almost all of my socks (Koigu, fleece artist, claudia handpainted, cherry hill, etc) in the washing machine in a lingerie bag and hang them to dry...all in wonderful shape.

Wily Jeneric said...

Hmm. I wash Eric's socks in the washer... and dry them, too. They've gotten a little pilly. Perhaps if I just washed, no dry, they'd be in better shape. Besides, why knit hand-wash only socks?