Monday, January 29, 2007

There was a race

So I started the Clapotis last week. I knew that I didn't have enough yarn for the pattern as written but the plan is to make a scarf not a wrap. Sounds good.So I cast on and increased to 58 stitches - a nice wide width (about 15" or 38cm). I had a mini debate at 52 stitches whether to do one more set of increases or leave it as it was. I thought the wider width would be nice.
Clapotis is a fast knit, and the yarn is beautiful and soft making this project just zoom along. My goal after knitting awhile was to get 10 repeats of the straight section, then assess the yarn amounts and start decreasing accordingly. At 10 repeats I thought maybe I could get 11 repeats. That quickly turned false. Ripped back accordingly and started the decrease section after 10 repeats. After knitting on the decreases, I started to get worried this is taking more yarn than I thought.

Here is the final state of Clapotis 14 stitches left - no yarn. (the colour is more accurate in the first photo)
Shit shit shit.

I don't want to make the scarf any shorter than it already is. I am not someone that needs a long scarf, but 110 cm (45") is about as short as I want to go. So, it needs to be narrower which I am fine with, I knew that I probably should have made it narrower when I was deciding on the width. Out it comes.
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