Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sock Wars – Day 3

I have completed one sock and was past the gusset decreases on my second sock. It looked like I was close to a kill. Unfortunately soon after this photo was taken I compared the two socks. The second sock had a shorter leg portion than the first sock. So the heel had to go.

The socks look short, however I am using Cascade Fixation in a camouflage colour, and this yarn if you are not familiar with it has lots of stretch. So this sock fits my foot nicely and since my victim has the same size feet they should fit her as well.

Jenni wanted to a pic of the project bag that I received from knitters guild, the foot is included for scale. It has one divider inside, slightly off center which is nice for holding patterns. Jenni- it is larger than the bag that you got from Target in the spring. The colour is purple (a colour my camera detests) not blue.

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