Thursday, September 07, 2006


Several times this past weekend, I thought - "oh I should blog this" and I didn't although their was some interesting stories so to give you the rundown. Part of the reason I didn't blog is that I have had a miserable cough that several people thought I should go to the doctors and rule out pneumonia.
  1. Went on Saturday to my niece's 2nd birthday party and it was her mom's birthday earlier in the week. Sia was happy with the Mali purse.
  2. On Sunday my friend Mike participated in his first ever triathlon. It was close by so we went out to support him. (If it was Saturday between Ernesto and my cold I wouldn't have. Mike finished 45 minutes fast. - He thought it would take him 4 hours so other people showed up to cheer him on after the 3.5 hours into the race. The problem - he finished in 3 hours 15 minutes - way to go Mike!
  3. Tuesday was a trip to Ikea with Mel and Lisa. I only made one small purchase but picked something to buy on a next trip - with some more cash. We also stopped off at Lens Mill Store and I picked up some circular needles. Mel and Lisa are quilters and they picked up some supplies there.
Knitting content - Yes I still knit - amazingly.
  1. The RPM socks are done - I reversed the spiral on the second sock so they are mirror images of each other.
  2. Last year, I made myself a pair of fuzzy feet.
    If you haven't made this pattern (I think everyone has though), you knit a giant pair of socks and felt them to your feet. It is a great pattern to learn socks on, and it is quick. However I found one flaw. They wear out quick. On Sunday I noticed I had a small hole near the toe, since they had been stretched out with wear - I thought I would throw them in the wash. Bad idea. I was hoping that the hole would shrink or worse case stay the same. That was not the case. The felting got smaller around the hole making the hole larger. Another hole showed up on the second slipper. Wearing the slippers since washing them has only made the holes even larger. Another pair of slippers is needed. Last year I made Ali these slippers. I enjoyed knitting this pattern and it takes 4x the wool- giving a much heavier sole. I cast on for these planning on using two colours - one for the sole and one for the top. However I forgot that I already had used some of the navy skein so instead of having 100g I only have 80 g - which as I have found is not enough. So these need to be ripped back and alternate colours need to be determined.
  3. With the 2mm circs I picked up on Tuesday, I started another pair of socks. I am trying the one sock on two circ method - toe up. I am not convinced this is a good way for me. Some people state they are not fiddling with stitches on 3 (or 4) needles, but sliding the stitches along the cord takes me longer than with the dpns. Also the needle I am not currently using gets in the way - or I grab it by mistake and end up with all the stitches on one needle that needs to be adjusted back. Does anyone have any hints? I have just finished the heel turn on sock 1.
Saturday is the Waterloo County knitters fair. I have never been but it sounds like fun- how could it not be. I'll be going, it is only 10 min from home.

I am going to try the camera this afternoon again to see if I can get some pics.

ETA: I can't get the camera to work today, but the sock yarn requirements for Sock wars is up. DK weight 22sts/inch on 3.75mm (US5). I don't have the needles or suitable yarn. Guess what I will be looking for tomorrow.

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