Friday, September 22, 2006

Sock wars

The battle starts today. I have yarn and needles ready, I am just waiting on the pattern weapon and victim. I was hoping to get a few projects finished before this started but they will have to wait.

I also promised a KW Knitters Guild update. Since it was 1.5 weeks ago I guess I should do it now since the next meeting will be here soon. I was a little late for the meeting as I was tied up working the swallowtail shawl. I arrived during the announcements, there is about 150 members this year in the guild - lots of expertise and wonderfully friendly people.

After the announcements they have show and tell- where you can bring in some knits, tell a story about them and then leave them on display for the rest of the meetings. Never having been to any guild or stitch and bitch this made me think for a bit. This is the forerunner of the knitting blog and you get something that you don't get in blog format. You can share your work and ideas with fellow knitters and they get to see your garment. We have all seen postings that "this is so soft and squishy" at the guild you can experience that.

Following show and tell, the programming committee discussed some of the speakers we will be having at upcoming meetings. The schedule hasn't been completely ironed out but a couple of names I remember are the Yarn Harlot, Amy Singer, and Maureen Mason Jamieson. I'll keep you posted as I hear more about the speakers. The programming committee also discussed this years theme -"Reduce Reuse and Recycle" and how this can be applied to knitting. We had a presentation from Spinrite with some of their new yarns and colourways. The SWS soy-wool blend attracted my eye - it is soft aran weight yarn. The presentation from Knitwerx encouraged us to look after the environment by carpooling to the yarn stores (the added advantage that if you are not driving you can knit) or even stay home and order online.

The guild also has a wonderful lending library with several magazine subscriptions and new books being added all the time. One of the guilds fundraising efforts for the is a raffle, and at my first meeting, the first name pulled out of the hat was mine. I won a beautiful project bag, that I am already putting to good use. I will be enjoying these once a month meetings with the wonderful members.

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Wily Jeneric said...

Those guild meetings sound fabu. I don't know as there is anything like that around here. You should post a picture/specs of the project bag you won!