Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Iris Lornas Lace Jaywalkers revisted

Theresa over at Knitting Underway has started Time Machine Tuesdays -the idea is too look at some past projects and comment on their wear, did the yarn hold up or did it wear, is their lots of pilling. Is is it a plain jane sweater that is one of the most comfortable items in your wardrobe.

I am going to start off with my Jaywalkers socks knit in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Iris. Here is one that is almost finished, from March 2006.

A picture of the socks as they are today (with some leftover yarn) -with and without the flash

I am not impressed with how the Lorna's Laces has stood up to the test of time
  • The yarn, especially the green sections, has faded
  • The socks have shrunk - they are know very tough to get over my heel and some mornings they go back in the drawer since I don't want to struggle to get them on. The shrinkage is probably made worse with this pattern since there is no stretch in the bias fabric

  • The soles have held up with no holes or other thin spots, although there is some light fuzziness that has developed.
This is the only time I have used Lorna's Laces and although other people love I don't think I will be buying it for socks again.

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Liz K. said...

I'm so glad you're joining us in posting wear reports for your knits, and I'm afraid I have the same experience with Lorna's Laces. It pilled really quickly on me!