Friday, January 18, 2008

Two Birds in the Hand are

.. priceless

My hands now are wonderfully warm and toasty thanks to these

Pattern: Bird in Hand Mitts by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Fiesta Yarns Boomerang (100% merino) in Alaska colourway and some stash 100% wool in white
Needles: I knit these with 2.75 mm - I have yet to measure the gauge. I started knitting - checked on my hand and they fit. What else would I need.

I have not done stranded knitting for over a year and this was a good refresher as there were a few things that I remembered as I went along. Knit loose is the first one that came back to me. On the right mitt the first couple of motifs are knit tighter than the solid colour rounds. The other thing is the whole yarn dominance -which yarn is dominant from the top or the bottom. For some reason this is not intuitive to me so after I realized on the palm that I should pay attention to this matter it takes me a couple of rounds to get that the bottom yarn is dominant and I should be having the white yarn as dominant.
Like Claudia found (although I haven't measured gauge) these mitts are a great width for me but are longer than I would have chosen. Although this does not distract from their job of keeping my hands warm on my walks. Which they have now for the past 3 days (I finished them up at a meeting on Tuesday). As I am writing this I realize I total forgot to take a close up of the birds. WHOOPS.

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