Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Wool House

The year is new and with that changes need to be made to the wool house.

I have never been happy with how the living room furniture has been arranged but have never bothered to do anything about it (something to do with removing all the books from the bookshelf and not knowing how to fix the problem). Well, that was changed this past weekend.

While we were moving furniture between floors - bookcases that were downstairs went up, upstairs bookcases came down and furniture. I decided to peel back a piece of carpet in the living room. I knew there was hardwood under there (under where?) but what shape that it was in was a question.

Looks good so far.

The decision was made to pull the rest of the carpet up. Refinishing the hard wood has always been on the books - we were thinking this summer.

The items that need to be fixed on the floor:
  1. Remove paint splatters - this corner is the worst although the last time they painted the trim they didn't care if it got on the floor or not so there is a white band all the way around the room. If the paint is latex this shouldn't be a problem if it is oil based paint ...
  2. Find an old grate - when new duct work was put in the house, they removed the old grates on the main floor and put in the basic grills. At this point in the floor they just filled the space with plywood and stained it. Our plan is to remove the plywood and put an old grate back on with a black piece of wood underneath.
  3. A square (about 3cm x3 cm) also needs to be filled where another grate was removed from the floor/wall.
  4. Two areas that have no finish on the wood. The thinking is that there was large pieces of furniture here that no one wanted to move when the floor last got refinished so they just refinished around them. WTF? Although they did get lazy in other areas of the house as well. ETA - it has been suggested that area rugs might have been glued to the floor in these areas.

  5. All of the quarter round has been removed (typical)
The maple floor is in good shape, building up the trim with a baseboard piece and then quarter round will hide many of the edge problems, the refinishing will be a little more work but manageable.

So the furniture has been temporarily re loaded into the room until these repairs can be made. Although the books will not be put back on the shelf until the room is done.


Jenni said...

Hey, one idea that has its pros and cons is to paint a border on the floor. Would deal with the paint splatters, the odd grate issue and some of the lazy/whateverness issue.

Juia in KW said...

Try the Habitat for Humanity store (Re-use-it or something like that) on Northfield. We got an old grate there for one of our vents that needed to be replaced in our house.

Teresa said...

Hi Juia,
Where on Northfield is the Re-use it store? I don't think I have seen it.

Anonymous said...

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