Saturday, May 06, 2006

Moving Day

Today my husband, Ali, with the help of family and friends are moving into out house. I am working on my dissertation project so am not there to help out.

The electricians finished yesterday, the fridge and cupboards have been cleaned, paint colours have been chosen. The colour* that we are going with for the kitchen, is Sherwin Williams "Greens". Some people get fancy names with the colours that they chose not us just plain old "Greens" I do like the colour though. The living room colour though is "Nasturtium". Both of these colours look great with all of my cobalt blue items. Ali got a sample of the Greens and painted a portion of the wall in the kitchen. I may get a pic to show.

I actually have knitting progress to show. Last weekend I finished one of the Mistake rib socks. Just to refresh - these are Trekking XXL colour 102, for my husband who loves my socks. I bought this yarn at Rhinebeck last year.

I know everyone is at MSW this weekend, and I hope they are having a blast.

*the colour of these paint samples, are not remotely correct on my monitor- hopefully they will be better on yours.


Lene Andersen said...

The yellow looks like my kitchen. Well, on my monitor, that is. And yes, it does look fantastic with cobalt blue (yum). Also kicks arse with red...

Ella said...

Those socks are stunning! they look as if they shimmer.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the comments on the socks. I have been enjoying this colourway. I have the toe done on sock 2 and they are looking different already. Both toes though are the darkest colour.

eyeknit said...

Your sock is amazing! I've been obsessing over knitting my husband's first pair of socks, out of Trekking XXL, color 90 (browns, olives, burnt orange). I love how the stockinette stitch looks with the tweedy colors, but I know my husband will want socks that cling, not droop. I've been looking for the perfect rib, and settled on Beaded Rib, from Sensational Knitted Socks--it never occurred to me to use Mistake Rib! They're lovely. Maybe next time. BTW, it was nice meeting you in Doylestown.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the comment on the sock. I like doing something with stretch for the feet as I find I can get a better fit. I have used beaded rib as well - I think it has more stretch then mistake rib but I think both will look great in Trekking. It was good meeting you in Doylestown too.