Monday, May 29, 2006

One sock done ... almost

I just have to kitchener the toe on my first Poma sock. I finished the knitting Saturday night however I saved the the Kitchener for Sunday. I do not kitchener late at night - every time I try it gets messed up. It is something I have to do when I am fresh, at the beginning of a knitting session. I thought I would finsih it Sunday night and be able to show you the completed sock today. Last night, however, my yarn needle was not where it was suppose to be in my little pouch with all of my other knitting accessories. One blue plastic needle is packed in a box with my Samus sweater, however that is in Canada so that is not going to help me (at least the Samus sweater is the last thing I was working on it with).

I have also decided that my bamboo dpns are too dull for this project (I know I am half done and I am deciding this). I actually decided it a long time ago but have not had an opportunity to go get another set of needles. The k2tbl which feature prominately in this pattern needs a sharp needle - so does the purl tbl.

This delay will be good so I finish Ali's socks before I finish knitting myself another pair. It will help me finish a project. I only have about 5 cm left of knitting on Ali's socks so it shouldn't take too long. Just depends on how much time I have for knitting this week.


Sarah said...

Do you usually kitchener with the needles out, or was that just for the picture?

I know its possible, but the prospect scares me.

Teresa said...

I kitchener with the needles in. I took the needles out, since that pic is a scan not a photo and with the needles in I couldn't get them to lie there is a descent shape. All of the stitches are waiting patiently back on the needles to be finished.

eyeknit said...

Pomatomous looks great! What yarn is that?

Teresa said...

The yarn is Koigu KPPPM, I believe colourway P115 but I'll have to get the label out to check. Everything is packed up now. It is knit on US 2 (2.75 mm) needles though.