Monday, May 22, 2006

The summer of stash

Liz over at Crossroad Knits decided to use her stash for the summer. Several others and myself have decided to join her in the Summer of Stash or SOS. The idea is from Memorial Day to Labour Day you only use yarn from your stash. You are allowed to state some exceptions at this time (if you have already signed up for a sock of the month club, going to visit a sheep farm and will be buying homespun that type of thing). They have the complete story over at the knit along blog.

I'm loving the poma.. socks the pattern is very easy to memorize, it may look daunting at first being 12 stsx22 rows, but after you complete row 3 you can see how the whole thing comes together. A quick check half way through (when it begins to slant the other direction) and that is all that it takes. Sunday night I was able to knit one repeat, it should have been more than this but at row 7 I glanced at the pattern and said "its not this easy I am doing it wrong" and ripped 5 rows out. I didn't check my knitting with the pattern or looked at the pattern to see that I in fact was doing it correctly. There are three repeats on the cuff and I am on my third repeat, so I should be able to make the heel turn this weekend without a problem.


Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! Thank you for sharing the link to SOS, it seems just the perfect thing to join! I love how your Poms are coming along, they look so gorgeous, and the yarn you're using makes the pattern really jump out - perfect! Have fun knitting them!

Sarah said...

I'll follow the summer of stash too, but because I am completely (well almost) stash-LESS I'll instead stock up in hopes to have enough stash to go on this crazy mission.

I realize this is the equivalent of eating in order to diet, but yarn is yarn is yarn.

And I need some yarn.

Teresa said...

Dipsy d., I agree the round structure of the yarn makes the twisted stitches pop. This would be good for anything you want to highlight the stitches with. I may have to get some solid coloured koigu, after the SOS, to make some lacy socks.

Sarah, interesting philosophy on how to get a stash. So are your exceptions going to be to buy yarn to get a stash.

Martina said...

I absolutely love the colour of the yarn you are using!! I need to get me some!