Saturday, May 20, 2006

The decision is ....

I have decided so far on the Pomatomas sock - I will however for the sake of my sanity have to come up with a nickname I can actually spell in referring to this sock on the blog. Tomas? Poma? Either of those names and I might as well learn to spell it all, PS sock? I'll have to see if anything sticks. Last night I cast on and finished the ribbing and barely started the pattern.

I disregarded Jenni's advice as I don't have the yarn or pattern for her write in. I may make it in the future. Would the fall be okay to put that on the list?

It took me a little longer to get to PS then I thought it would, mainly since I lied (I didn't mean to lie, when I stated the comment I thought it was the truth) about being done on the heel in the mistake rib sock. See I thought my third attempt at this heel looked good and I started the heel flap. Then I started looking at the gusset and the heel.

Picked up the first sock - the second one is shorter. I had forgotten/skipped 8 gusset rows, so my gusset was going to be short 4 sts on each side and sock was going to be short, back I ripped added the extra rows. The end of this story is I didn't finish the heel until Friday night, so now just the cuff left. I was hoping to have this pair done this weekend, and well that is not going to happen.

I am going work on the cuff of the poma, to make sure I like how it is going to go and then I'll finish Ali's socks.


Liz K. said...

Love Ali's socks. They look great! Is that Trekking?

Teresa said...

Yes it is Trekking colour 102. For socks that are grey/tan it is a great colourway.

eyeknit said...

How many stitches around are the Trekking socks? (If that's not too personal a question to ask!) I worked on my husband's Beaded Rib socks from Trekking (70 sts because the ribbing stretches mightily), and they actually turned out longer than I feared they would. This statement, of course, depends on whether I divided the ball in half precisely. I weighed it on the scales at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but who knows. I didn't do the ribbing at the top of sock #1 yet, just in case the second one needs to borrow a bit of yarn.