Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Home and Garden

I hope everyone enjoyed my husband's guest blog* the other day. He may do some more occasional blogs as the mode strikes.
I took some pics of the garden at the house the other day and I thought I would share a photo of some of the Lily of the Valleys coming up. This is one of three flower beds with the lilies. The ones right next to the house have buds on them (and how I could ID the flowers) there are more coming up in the lawn, and at the back of the house. I am sure that they will smell sweet in a few more weeks. Also in this flower bed there was a maple yearling (about 30 cm high), which I will not be letting it grow. Who needs a maple tree right next to the house to destroy the foundation?

Last time a mentioned that there was a gameboy in one of the rooms - yes the owners did remember to take that. They did leave some junk in the basement and upstairs. In one of the boxes of old toys there was a hand sander - which I am sure will be put to use in the future.

The electricians came yesterday and today to update the wiring and install new receptacles (remember none in the kitchen). My husband moves in on Saturday (I am back in NJ).

So it was an exhausting/exciting weekend.

* Why does the Blogger spell checker not recognize blog as a word?


Ali said...

Hey Kiddo, nice blog. Reminds me that I gotta cut some trees in the garden.

PS: As you might have guessed, we now have internet access.


Stuntmother said...

What a kick that Blogger hasn't learned that blog is a word. I love lilies of the valley. We had them when I was a child and we would sing over and over, round and round:

White coral bells
Upon a slender stalk
Lilies of the valley
Deck my garden walk.

Oh don't you wish
that you could hear them ring
That will only happen
When the fairies sing.