Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Clap Clap Clap Your Hands

together for a finished Clapotis!

I finished knitting the Clapotis for the second time. It went slower the second time knitting it then the first. I kept holding up the old scarf and thinking half done, 3/4 done only two more repeats before the decreases, only two more repeats before the decreases.

Well that is what I get for going against my gut and thinking I could make it almost as wide and and as long with 1/2 the yarn.

Needles: 5 mm Addi Turbos
Yarn: Brooks Farm Four Ply 1 skein
Pattern: Clapotis
Finished dimensions: 28 cm x 192 cm (11" x 75.5")

Pattern modifications: Since I was using a heavier weight of yarn (and since only having one skein) I increased to 46 sts on the needle then knit till I was almost out of yarn before starting the decreases.

This was an enjoyable knit however having just knit it twice in a row, I don't think I will be knitting it again soon.
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Liz K. said...

Oh, cute! I have my eye on some Brooks Farm...

Wily Jeneric said...

Lovely. I expect to see it brave the cold New Jersey winter soon!

Priscilla said...

Maybe Keeper needs a scarf? If you knit him somethingm he might stop stealing yours.