Friday, February 02, 2007

(Silent) Poetry Reading*

Doin’ it Greyhound Style
by Lisa

I bet you never realized
What loving life can be
To wake each morning with a smile
With a lovable greyt like me
One moment
I’m a baby hound
So grateful for the
life I’ve found
The next moment
A comedian I’ll be
I’ll make you laugh so hard
Just watch and you will see
I’ve got class
And I’ve got style
All my antics
Will make you smile
I really am the best of breed
Despite my former life
Of money and peoples greed
I love to prance and
Make you smile
While I’m doing it all-
Greyhound style

When I steal your spot
From the couch -
When you get up
Possession is still
nine tenths of the law
But I will still come to you
when you call
I was just "saving" your spot for you
It’s just a small thanks
To say I love you too
I know you get mad
When I pee on the floor
But you missed the potty dance
I just did by the back door.

I am a greyhound
A man about town
Some may even call me
A real big clown
In the morning
I throw my whole body into
That nudge against your bed
"come on mom it’s me"
And I need to be fed!
Food is still my favorite thing
I still shake and I quiver
When my dish is set down
You tell people I’m not a grey
But really a "Foodhound"
I always know that in my dish
You’ll add a tasty treat
And no longer will I have to have
That nasty 4-D grade meat.
I often hear you say
How much I make you smile
But that’s just me
Being myself
And doin’ it greyhound style!

* This is suppose to be in honour of St Brigid, however Feb 1 is St. Brigids Day and I haven't seen any references to why there is poetry in honour of her.


Julie said...

St. Brigid was a Christian take on the Celtic goddess Brigid. Poetry is one of the things that the pagan Brigid "rules" over.

knitting bandit said...

I would have never imagined greyhounds to be playful dogs. They always seem rather serious!