Saturday, February 17, 2007

SWiSh socks

It has almost two weeks since my last post. Wow, I wasnt' expecting to be gone that long but you guys know ho real life gets in the way of blogging. That and Keeper has been doing some blog entries and he times slow - not having any fingers so he was tying up the computer.
I finished the SWiSh socks.
Yarn: SWS in denim blue - this is the 30% Soy 70% Wool yarn from Patons. It took me 2.5 skeins to knit these for Ali.
Needles: Size 3.25 mm
Gauge: All though my swatch said 5.5 sts the socks are knit at 6 sts
Pattern: Basic 56 sts generic sock with heel flap

I have also knit a dishcloth, and a scarf for Dulaan. Although I don't have photos of either of those. I pulled out the Spey Valley socks to knit on but I need to go down a needle size or two and since I cleaned my knitting area on Tuesday I can't find my tiny sock needles. So they are going to be put back on hiatus at least until I find my needles.

I am not really sure what knitting I want to start. Maybe this is a sign I should finish that Dulaan vest. I'll get it out later today and see what happens.


Wily Jeneric said...

What does it say about your cleaning methods that you now can't find needles? I'm thinking you should probably never clean again.

As for what to knit next, I vote for a beer cozy - summer's coming, and you don't want warm beer!

Priscilla said...

Summer is comming!

Thong Bikini!