Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Unplottable House

On the weekend, we had several visitors (and very little knitting was accomplished) and we discovered that our house is either unplottable or has a secret keeper. When my cousin Steve and family came for a visit, they were on the wrong side of Kitchener when they called for directions.
My sisters, Sarah and Emily came for a visit on Friday with some friends. We live in Kitchener, Sarah was on the other side of Cambridge before she realized that she missed a direction somewhere. Their friends in another car kept having to turn around as they missed turns. Saturday my parents came for a visit calling for directions first (they have been here before) which was good that the directions they remembered were wrong. However neither of these compare to my brother in law. He was coming from Brampton and and when he was on the other side of Hamilton he realized that perhaps he didn't take the correct path.
Now, I understand that people outside of Ontario, don't understand where these cities are, so here is a map. With my BIL's positions roughly starred. That big blob of blue -Lake Ontario- I think he was trying to go to Buffalo, NY.

My husbands family has a horrible sense of direction, and my family has made fun of Ali's use of maps, he highlights his routes, always checks the maps before he goes. We always have well worn maps in the house and in the car. However he has never been this far of course and if it works...


Wily Jeneric said...

Hmm. We visited over July 1st/4th, came from New Jersey, have never been to that part of Canada (indeed, we can probably count our trips to Canada on one hand), drove during holiday traffic and still, we managed to arrive at your house with nary a turn around, missed exit or phone call for further directions. Perhaps we are gifted with direction following in Canada? Can we sell that to your and Ali's family? Most importantly, did your b-i-l ever make it to your place??

Teresa said...

I remember that you had no problems, so know that it is not the directions. Ngai finally did make it to our place. We gave him directions home when he left.