Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A Blues Song
By Ali

When you picked up them needles, baby
I bet you thought it wouldn’t take you far.
When you bought your first ball of yarn, baby
I bet you didn’t think it would make you a star.
But I gotta tell you somethin’, baby
You knit like Jack White plays guitar!

I know you tried to crotchet, baby
You even tried them little hooks.
You tried to learn sewin’ from your mamma,
But that machine really got you shook.
But when you pick up them needles, baby
You knit like Stan Lee writes comic books!

When my feet get cold, baby
You wool socks really do the trick.
An’ when my sister needs a felt purse, baby
Your fingers fly double quick.
Oh, baby you’re so good at kitting, baby
You’re like James Cameron filming the “Titanic”!

Oh, let me sing your praises, baby
In these silly little rhymes of mine.
And would you post it on your ‘blog, baby
Oh that would really do me fine.
The world should know that you knitting is magic, baby.
Like when Jesus turned water into wine!


Wily Jeneric said...

Of course I must comment on both posts! Perhaps Mr. Ali should quit whatever day job he pretends to do and devote his life to the creation of knitter poetry, rhyme, rap and song.

Priscilla said...

Hmmm. Is Ali pulling a K. Fed? Using his wife's fame and hard work to promote a career as a singer-songwriter.

Were you smart enougth to sign a prenup?

Liz K. said...

Rock on, Ali!

Betsy said...

More Ali! I love it.

Vick said...

ali,i never knew the majesty of teresa's knitting could be capture in words,but you seem to have done the un-do-able.